Sunday, November 8, 2009

My sister-in-law, Sarah gave me this sweet award. I must say I am honored! I am also honored because I'm pretty sure she's the only one the keeps up with my horrible blogging habits! So in keeping with the rules of the award, I present 10 honest things about me:

1. I used to see two of everything all the time. I had surgery back in March to have my left eye fixed from turning inward just a little bit. They cut the muscles off of my eye and sewed them back on......ewwwwwwww :-)
2. Speaking of sewing...I wish I was better at it than I really am. I wish I was a rockstar sewer like my Momma. I tried making my Halloween costume this year... it was an epic fail :-(
3. If Brian's at the fire station you can bet money that the television is going to be on the E! channel all day long. I'm a sucker for celebrity trash TV. Right now I'm watching "The Girls Next Door" and plan on watching the Khloe Kardashian wedding at 8:00pm. :-)
4. When Brian's at the station I leave the television on all night long and sleep with a nightlight.
5. I LOVE Christmas and if Brian would let me I would put up a Christmas tree in every room of the house.
6. I don't leave the house without mascara on. This mascara is the best thing on earth, seriously.
7. I have recently become a sucker for candles. Love them. They make the whole house smell wonderful and look pretty as they flicker. What more could you ask for?
8. I watch the shows "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" and wish I could take dancing lessons and be on the show even though I am petrified to dance in front of ANYONE!
9. I'm a really big neat freak about my school work. My notes must be color-coded and I NEED a separate binder for each class.
10. I LOVE that I married into a HUGE family. I came from just having my little brother, Matthew and now have my little brother Matthew, 6 brother-in-laws: Shann, Erik, Kyle, Zachary, Aaron and Isaac, 4 sister-in-laws: Amy, Sarah, Michelle and Kelsee, 4 nephews: Jake, Joel, Jackson and Ace and 1 niece: Abby! And I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

T-minus 4 Days...

Only 4 more days until we are out of here!!! We're leaving Friday morning for Naples, Florida and Saturday afternoon Brian and I are getting on a cruise ship with Brian's mom and dad, Keith and Eileen, his 2 younger brothers, Aaron and Isaac and his older brother and his wife, Erik and Michelle. It. Cannot. Come. Soon. Enough. So one more long week of school and work then bon voyage! We'll see you next Wednesday!
Here are me and Brian all ready for the cruise! :-)


Friday, August 21, 2009

Roofers Sure Do Get Up Early...

I don't know what time roofers actually get up in the morning, but they were at my house at 6:30 this morning. Way too early for me! The roofers dropped the dumpster off at 6:30 and as soon as the clocked turned to 7:00AM it sounded like there was a herd of elephants having a parade on my roof! They were loud, but they were also stinkin' quick! They started ripping our roof apart and were starting to lay the new shingles by 8:00! The whole roof was completely finished by 4:00! Anywho, we have a new roof now! It look fabulous!

In the process of ripping our roof off!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Movie Night!

Yay for movie night at Hebron! Every year the church sponsors a movie night out on the front lawn of the church. This year we showed "The Tale of Despereaux" and had pizza, snow-cones and more!
The GIANT blow up screen the movie was shown on.
Snow-Cones, Pizza and more!!!
Jackson enjoying some pre-movie festivities.
And just for anyone who read the last blog (which I'm pretty sure Sarah, you're the only one out there) I attempted to make the monkey bread again and SUCCESS!!!! No smoky aroma in the house this time, just the sweet smell of Cinnamon and Sugar covered biscuits!
Mmmmmmmm good!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not Quite Paula Deen...

Let me stat out by saying that my husband can cook circle around me! Seriously, he cooks way better than I do and he actually enjoys doing it! Crazy, I know. He's about as close to being Paula Deen as we're going to get in this household because let me just tell you, I am nowhere near close to cutting it!
I have ventured out a little bit, I have a few staples that I can always (more like usually) cook up, no problem. Tonight, well, wasn't quite the case. I decide I would make "Monkey Bread" for the first time as a little breakfast surprise when Brian gets home from the station in the morning. How hard can that be? You shake biscuits in cinnamon and sugar and put them in the oven. Simple, right? A third grader could do this, right? Oh, no, not if I'm the one cooking. I'm about 10 minutes into cooking the biscuits in the oven and something smells awfully like smoke..... yep, they're burning! Whole oven full of smoke = whole kitchen full of smoke!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?
So now I sit in the kitchen with the windows open, the fan blowing, praying the smoke alarm doesn't go off (again) and thinking that that Monkey Bread really isn't going to be as tasty as I had hoped. This cooking thing has got to come along to me soon enough, right? Right?
Oh well, here's to cereal tomorrow morning, no cooking involved!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gainesville State College Education Program = I HAVE NO LIFE!!!

So my intentions were to be really good at this whole blogging thing and as you can see, I have been less than unsuccessful!

Four weeks ago I started the Early Childhood Education program at Gainesville State College. Before the program I felt like I lived at the church where I work but not these past four weeks! No, these past four weeks I have lived in the Dunlap-Mathis Education building and in the Gainesville State's library. These past four weeks have been the most stressful weeks of my entire life! But, it's almost over, for two weeks anyway and I wrote the BEST lesson plan for a kindergarten class. :-) One final down and one to go! Cross your fingers for me!

After my final tomorrow I'm headed right back to my previous home away from home, the church, for day #2 of Vacation Bible Camp. I was actually surprised at how much I missed VBC today! Would have much rather been at VBC than taking a final exam! Any-who.... the bed is calling my name, and that final will come too soon in the morning! I'll try to post some pictures from tomorrow's VBC!

My inspiration for wanting to be a teacher. A third grade boy, I believe in him! You have to check this video out, a little long, but very uplifting!